Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

I love Photoshop!!!! This is my favorite action of all times it is called Color Pop 2 and you can get it for free from She has some amazing actions but this is by far my favorite. I never put a picture on this blog unless I have run this action on it first. Thank you Coffee shop for making me feel like a professional!

Let me tell you a little about this picture, I read 3 different places on the internet about how to take this picture changing my ISO, and shutter speed, using a tripod, and a whole lot of other stuff that still doesn't make much sense to me. I worked on it for well over an hour (obviously not with my son sitting there). I finally gave up and ended up with a super ugly dark picture. I slipped it into Photoshop and ran this action and 15 seconds later I came up with this amazing picture done on auto mode. I'm not sure I will ever move out of auto mode!!!!!!!!!!!

Owl Hats

Off all the things I have to blog about I decided to do this one. Why you ask, because I want to add it to my Pinterest board. I tell you I am completely obsessed with Pinterest!

These are the owl hats I made. The picture below is of my niece. I made the hat on our way from Seattle to Idaho for my mother-in-law's funeral, as a thank you gift to her. She rode all the way with us to help me entertain the boys in the back seat. Bless her heart!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot

I am so in love with this baby and so in love with my new Christmas backdrop and props. I had so much fun with this one. I made 3 new hats for the occasion. Can I just say I love my job!!!!This is my friend Dottie and her new baby C. He was a dream to work with. Even when he was hungry he kept his eyes closed for me. It was really hard choosing my favorite shots on this one.
I am going to try and do some pull back shots on some of my photo shoots from now on. There are several things that are unique about this photo shoot. First off I finally made a back drop stand!!! Yippy!!! It was super simple I will try and get a shot of just the stand someday. It was less than $15 to make. Why I waited so long I will never know. The second thing that was unique about this photo shoot was that my friend had a trampoline which was perfect to put the baby on so I didn't have to lie down on the ground. I guess I am going to have to invest in a beanbag or something like it for other houses.
So here are some things I learned while doing this one. 1. make sure your backdrops are ironed. It was crazy hard to try and Photoshop it out (although I did learn a few new things about Photoshop in the process). 2. I love the tree branch but I am so mad I didn't think to get white lights on a white strand. Back to the store I go :0/ 3. No matter how stable you think the baby is always have mom there just in case. Baby C decided to throw his head out of the box while I turned around to grab my camera. Good thing momma was there.

Monday, December 5, 2011

True Sadness

On Nov 18th I experienced true sadness when my Mother-in-law passed away from breast cancer. She and I were very close and it was devastating to see her go. To know that my children will never get a chance to know her is heart wrenching. She is an amazing woman with amazing talents and a big heart. My world will never be the same without her. I deeply miss her already :0(