Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

I love Photoshop!!!! This is my favorite action of all times it is called Color Pop 2 and you can get it for free from She has some amazing actions but this is by far my favorite. I never put a picture on this blog unless I have run this action on it first. Thank you Coffee shop for making me feel like a professional!

Let me tell you a little about this picture, I read 3 different places on the internet about how to take this picture changing my ISO, and shutter speed, using a tripod, and a whole lot of other stuff that still doesn't make much sense to me. I worked on it for well over an hour (obviously not with my son sitting there). I finally gave up and ended up with a super ugly dark picture. I slipped it into Photoshop and ran this action and 15 seconds later I came up with this amazing picture done on auto mode. I'm not sure I will ever move out of auto mode!!!!!!!!!!!

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