Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby G

This little guy is such a sweet baby. He was sleeping when he came to my house and stayed asleep for several different poses. After we switched him into the cocoon he soon he started wiggling around and we couldn't figure out why he wouldn't hold still. I eventually decided to just pick him up and hold him for a minute. That was when I realized he was sitting in a big puddle. Just so you know this happens in just about every single naked baby photo shoot. Poor little guy, poor props. Good thing it is all washable. He wasn't too happy after that. But this turned out to be my favorite picture of the whole shoot!Here are a few more pictures that I love. He got to be the model for my new hat and diaper cover as well as my new basket.

Baby A

My friend just a had her sweet baby girl. I was so lucky to get to visit them in the hospital. Isn't she a cutie!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss N

This photo shoot was so much fun! They literally live a block away from the beach. They were such a cute couple together that I often forgot to get solo shots of just the momma. They were really awesome at giving me great candid shots, with lots of giggles and sweet looks between each other. I love it when they make my job easy. Just to add even more fun to the photo shoot I found out they are naming their baby girl Violet. Not after me :0) just a fun coincidence.At the end of the photo shoot we went back to the house to get a few pictures with their dog. She was the cutest thing. I wanted a picture of N and A's feet with the dog's head in between them. But she had a better idea. She thought her feet needed to be in the picture too. :0) I can't wait to do this one again with the babies feet there too!!!!!I think this is one of my favorites. Which one is yours?