Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss N

This photo shoot was so much fun! They literally live a block away from the beach. They were such a cute couple together that I often forgot to get solo shots of just the momma. They were really awesome at giving me great candid shots, with lots of giggles and sweet looks between each other. I love it when they make my job easy. Just to add even more fun to the photo shoot I found out they are naming their baby girl Violet. Not after me :0) just a fun coincidence.At the end of the photo shoot we went back to the house to get a few pictures with their dog. She was the cutest thing. I wanted a picture of N and A's feet with the dog's head in between them. But she had a better idea. She thought her feet needed to be in the picture too. :0) I can't wait to do this one again with the babies feet there too!!!!!I think this is one of my favorites. Which one is yours?

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